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Camel Milk USA, a company founded by Dr. Millie Hinkle, ND, is devoted to the research, development, sales, and promotion of camel milk and camel milk products in the United States.


Here's some good news from around the world and across the U.S. from those people who have been fortunate enough to get the camel's milk.  
We've heard from people with diabetes or who have a diabetic child:
  • One little girl in Arizona, who is a Type I diabetic, took the milk for only 10 days and and went from four injections a day of insulin to one. Other diabetics are experiencing the same results. 
  • One person who is a Type II diabetic was able to stop medication totally because he owns a camel and is able to milk his own camel. This is such good news. 
  • “Type I and Type II diabetics need specific doses of the camel milk for their insulin levels, and should not be consuming any dairy products other than camel milk while they are trying to reduce their glucose levels,” states Dr. Hinkle. “Studies have shown that cow’s milk can raise glucose levels and cholesterol, while camel milk has shown to reduce glucose and cholesterol levels in trial studies,” explains Dr. Hinkle. “Diabetics need specific nutrients for the camel milk to work even better in lowering the glucose levels.” She tests each patient to determine the specific nutrient protocol for each individual patient.
Curious Camel 


Several autistic children are on the milk and are doing great. 
  • One mother says that within the first day her little boy started to have imaginary play with his toys and talking with them, something that most autistic children do not do. She was amazed because her little boy never played and spoke only a few words previously. 
  • Another mother of an autistic child states that within minutes her child looked her directly in the face and did as he was asked. The mother said for the first time ever, her child did not have a blank look on his face when she spoke to him. She says that he is talking more and more each day. She is very excited.
  • One six-year-old autistic child who was still in diapers and did not speak in complete sentences started to speak in complete sentences on the first day he drank the milk. He did not know his address, his ABCs, numbers, etc. By the end of 28 days, he knew his name and how to spell it, his address, phone number, all of his ABCs and how to count. His mother wrote on the 13th day: "For the first time in his life, out of nowhere, my child said, 'I love you mommy, I love you daddy.'" By the end of 28 days, he was completely potty trained and is no longer in diapers. His mother called to say that he has started school, is now able to memorize the words to songs, stories, etc., and repeat them back and he gets gold stars every day for his great behavior.
  • There are also the two mothers with autistic children who live several states away and are trying to raise money with yard sales, bake sales, etc., to be able to buy a camel so that they may share the milk. These are such dedicated mothers who love their autistic children. One mother told me of looking at videos of her child when he was "normal" and she broke down and cried when she said, "I will do anything to make my son normal again." 
  • Autistic children need specific nutrients that enable them to detox and to heal. They need to detox-stored toxins as well as toxins they are exposed to daily. Sulfur drugs, acetaminophen and antibiotics block detox pathways and must be removed, before any removal of vaccines or heavy metals, to enable the liver to handle the overload better. Many babies are given one or more of these drugs before they even leave the hospital. Children often get worse in the spring and summer due to pesticides and insecticides being sprayed. Sixty to 80% of everything that touches the body is absorbed through the skin and has to be processed by the liver, which in autistic children is already stressed. When parents apply paraben-based sunblock on their children and allow them to swim in chlorinated pools, they are overloading their children with these toxins. We use homeopathic remedies that are specific for each child to enable them to tolerate these things without excess overload.

    Many children become toxic on antifungal drugs and have to be detoxed before they can improve. The antifungal drugs will kill off good bacteria as well as bad, and therefore she has had excellent results over the years with using the good bacteria to crowd out the bad, and all the probiotics must be rotated on a specific basis to overcome mutations of pathogens. There are good supplements and there are some that are mostly filler. “We test each child to find the best supplement for each,” states Dr. Hinkle. “Many parents are giving their children too many supplements and it just overloads the system and can cause negative reaction.”  When children are on supplements that they test well for, then they usually make much more progress in the battle with autism, and combined with the camel milk seem to excel within a short period of time.

    Dr. Hinkle says that for the camel milk to be effective, all autistic children must be on a gluten-free/casein-free diet.

I have been contacted by several people with cancer. 
  • One man stated that he had Stage 4 prostate cancer seven years ago and that the doctors told him there was nothing else they could do. He started the camel milk and within three months there was no trace of the cancer. It has been seven years and he is still cancer free. 
  • An American woman called me from the Middle East where she had gone to drink the milk for advanced breast cancer and the cancer was gone she said that after being on the milk for four weeks there was no trace of the cancer but that she wanted to continue to drink the milk when she returned to the U.S. and was asking for help to get the milk here. This will have to wait until the test kits are complete.
  • Cancer is a very serious illness and studies show that camel milk actually improves chemotherapy treatment and reduces many of the negative side effects of the treatment. Dr. Hinkle recommends that patients go on a gluten-free/casein-free diet for a short period of time, except for the camel milk. She also asks patients to avoid soy, food coloring and food additives, such as MSG, etc., while undergoing treatment. This enables inflammation from the food to cease, and the body to use its resources to try and heal itself instead of fighting the allergic reactions to food. “It is very good to avoid any foods that you know you are allergic to when trying to heal the immune system,” states Dr. Hinkle. There are specific nutrients that can help cancer patients while undergoing treatment, and Dr. Hinkle recommends that all patients take a good quality brand of supplements that are not loaded with fillers. “Many cancer patients ask about the urine antibodies as well as the milk. There is a specific protocol and dosage that must be followed,” states Dr. Hinkle. Too much of the urine antibodies can become cytotoxic, and therefore she recommends each patient be tested to see the exact dosage of milk and supplements that they need. Each individual is different.
Crohn's Disease
  • Several people diagnosed with Crohn's Disease have contacted Dr. Hinkle to tell her of the great results they have had with the camel milk. One California resident told of being bedridden for two years before he was able to go to Israel to drink camel milk. Within five days, all of his symptoms had disappeared. He said that he had his life back again. He continues to drink the milk and has had no Crohn's symptoms in the last three years.
  • Dr. Hinkle has heard from several families with HIV/AIDS patients who tell her that their sons and daughters are thriving on the milk and it is giving them such relief from symptoms such as diarrhea and fatigue, etc. Dr. Hinkle is working to try and get a clinic in Africa to start a study with the camel milk. She says that the funds that were available in the past have been reduced and we need to do everything we can to help with this disease.
  • Pets are benefitting from the milk as well as humans. The owner of a valuable show dog was worried because the mother was unable to nurse her puppies. She had her veterinarian consult with Dr. Hinkle before putting the puppies on the milk. The owner sent a recent photo with the quote, "All puppies are happy, healthy  and fat!!!"
  • One cat owner contacted Dr. Hinkle to say that her cat had lost most of its hair from an immune system disorder, but after being on the milk for eight weeks, the cat's fur was thick and healthy. These are just a few of the hundreds of emails from pet owners.
These are just a few of the hundreds and hundreds of stories we receive daily by telephone and email.  <<Learn more...>>

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